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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Moved on over

Hi all. I have moved my blogging over to wordpress. Wordpress is easier to use from my iPad. Please follow me at thank you! Xoxo

Monday, April 4, 2011

Pickles and Ice Cream Baby Shower

I've been a busy girl these last few weeks preparing for my lateste project, Pickles and Ice Cream Baby Shower. Since my Sister-inlaw announced I was going to be an aunt, the wheels have been turning.
I hope you enjoy the pictures of my latest creations. My Niece will be named Grey. I can't wait to meet my little bundle of sunshine.

Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes and "Pickles" (twinkies)
I made everything including the Cupcake Stands.

Root Beer Float cupcakes: These were the biggest hit of the party!
We also had Philly Cheesesteaks for those without cravings. Hence the stack of rolls under the R.B.F. cupcakes.

Party table. Complete with "Thank You" bags filled with pink kisses.

Now the goods...Did I mention I made EVERYTHING?
The Diaper Cake.

The baby bundle
Bundle Details...

Inside the Baby Bundle Bucket:
3 handmade Diaper Rags:

Fancy onesees (made by:me)

Diaper Bag and Blanket by: Me

Bag Details:

Handmade Bib:
Maybe I went a little out of control but it was all a hit and well worth the hard work!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Before Your Eyes Growth Sticks

While dabbling in many arts and crafts and adding a new project to my list before finishing a project (I finish all projects, but I may have 10 fires going at once), my main reason for starting this blog adventure is to promote and sell my Growth Sticks. I've been hard at work these past few day with my order of 4 new sticks to add to my collection. Each stick is customized and made with love, lots of glue, paint and anything that dazzles.
Here is some of my growth sticks. I will post pictures of the latest ones once they have been delivered to their new families. I wouldn't want to ruin the surprise, although I do deliver "sneak peaks" to the customers and they always seem to still be excited!

These next few pictures are "Sneak peaks" for the newest Before Your Eyes Member, Reece.
Reece has a very proud great grandma who is waiting patiently in Minnesota.

Better pictures will be posted of the completed job once proud GG receives her package.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Junk to treasure part 2

My hubby works from home on occasion and we needed a desk that he could run the world from. I would rather find trash and make it wonderful, one because it comes with a story and two, it's a whole heck of a lot cheaper. Not to mention, I can never find exactly what I'm looking for in stores.
I set my feelers out and I found this very old, very solid, very heavy, and badly abused desk in a storage sale. Storage sales are great, the storage company sells items out of whole storage bins that the owner did not pay their rent on, it may be one mans loss but I won on this one!
I bought this desk for 25 BUCKS! TWENTY FIVE dollars folks! Thats like paying in DIRT! I actually think dirt cost more these days!

The desk after it was striped and sanded, it was really ugly before:

With a little sanding, painting and sealing, I ended up with this beauty:
The procedure:
The base coat of paint is Sherwin Williams, Flower Pot.
I glazed over the flower pot red with portabello brown and then another glaze of gold.
I then made a boarder of gold with gold leafing.
Sealed with Polyurethane.
There was a yucky brass handle on each drawer. I painted wood apliques and wood glued on to cover the two existing holes and found these great porcelain knobs at World Market.
I love my desk, my husband and his strong backed friends for helping get this baby up a long, steep flight of stairs!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Turning junk into a treasure.

Having a 2 year old means having a lot of toys. How a 2 year can accumulate so much junk is beyond me, but I blame it on the Mimi and Pop. I needed a place to neatly place my sweet Childs goodies since she likes playing in the living room. I knew that somewhere in the back of the attic was a potential beauty. So, my dear hubs drug it down the stairs for me.
The Junk:

Since I like my hands and fingers I asked my husband to cut a bottom for me, once I removed the two long drawers. Gave this sweet thang a good couple coats of paint, added some gold leafing to the edges, some awesome porcelain knobs, baskets for the baby girls collection of goods and ta da! We have a treasure!

Monday, March 21, 2011

2 at the zoo

On top of making my growth sticks Im lucky enough to be a stay home mom. Thankfully I have energy that lasts for days and I manage to constantly come up with fun events, crafts and projects.

My sweet daughter turned two at the zoo and being the mom who goes all out at any chance to plan an event, she got all I could possibly give to make this day perfect!

I made this adorable cupcake stand and all of the goodies!
We had Aligator, camel and pink flamingo cupcakes.
Birds nest (chow mien noodles covered in butterscotch with blue jelly beans for eggs)
bear food (gold fish), elephant food (nutter butters) and Zebra food (shoe string potatoes).
I also made the birthday girls hat out of foam, flet and feathers.
Each guest received their "official safari guide" bags upon arrival. Each bag had a pair of animal sunglasses, animal hat, "passport"(I will get back to this), crayon pack (of 4 crayons) and each girl had a lepoard print and feather bow.
The passport was a great little book I made for each child. It had their passport picture. Each page had a riddle, example: I eat bananas and swing from limb to limb, the jungle is my gym. I am a...
Each animal was guessed and we would go around the zoo looking for that animal and receive a stamp in the passport! So much fun!

The Passport

 The animal hats
 The Bows
 Each kid party package...
 Each child had a customized "to go" box filled with animal cookies
 The Invitation
 Inside of Invite
This party was a great hit with both the kids and the parents!
LOTS of pictures! Hope you enjoy!