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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Turning junk into a treasure.

Having a 2 year old means having a lot of toys. How a 2 year can accumulate so much junk is beyond me, but I blame it on the Mimi and Pop. I needed a place to neatly place my sweet Childs goodies since she likes playing in the living room. I knew that somewhere in the back of the attic was a potential beauty. So, my dear hubs drug it down the stairs for me.
The Junk:

Since I like my hands and fingers I asked my husband to cut a bottom for me, once I removed the two long drawers. Gave this sweet thang a good couple coats of paint, added some gold leafing to the edges, some awesome porcelain knobs, baskets for the baby girls collection of goods and ta da! We have a treasure!


  1. Wow! I love it! Looks almost antique. Where'd you get the knobs?

  2. Thank you, Julie. I bought the knobs at Hobby Lobby (are there any other stores in this world?).
    I think HL has great drawer pulls and knobs and if you watch the sales paper they go on 50% off about once a month. I have another great furniture redo I will post in a few.
    Another great place for knobs is World Market, they actually have a great selection.