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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Junk to treasure part 2

My hubby works from home on occasion and we needed a desk that he could run the world from. I would rather find trash and make it wonderful, one because it comes with a story and two, it's a whole heck of a lot cheaper. Not to mention, I can never find exactly what I'm looking for in stores.
I set my feelers out and I found this very old, very solid, very heavy, and badly abused desk in a storage sale. Storage sales are great, the storage company sells items out of whole storage bins that the owner did not pay their rent on, it may be one mans loss but I won on this one!
I bought this desk for 25 BUCKS! TWENTY FIVE dollars folks! Thats like paying in DIRT! I actually think dirt cost more these days!

The desk after it was striped and sanded, it was really ugly before:

With a little sanding, painting and sealing, I ended up with this beauty:
The procedure:
The base coat of paint is Sherwin Williams, Flower Pot.
I glazed over the flower pot red with portabello brown and then another glaze of gold.
I then made a boarder of gold with gold leafing.
Sealed with Polyurethane.
There was a yucky brass handle on each drawer. I painted wood apliques and wood glued on to cover the two existing holes and found these great porcelain knobs at World Market.
I love my desk, my husband and his strong backed friends for helping get this baby up a long, steep flight of stairs!

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